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Aug 7th – Facebook Live – Double Dutch Gate Fold

Don't forget to join us each Wednesday on my Facebook Lives.  This is the Live we did this week.  Am going to throw this video up here quick this morning as we are headed down to Illinois for a soccer game this morning...yes, it's starting.  Tis the season.  Kind of a...

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Cow’s It Going?

We are home from the Grand European vacation and settling into the swing of things.  Worked this past weekend and most of this at the hospital so it really didn't take long before I was wishing I was back basking in the Mediterranean sun and enjoying an Italian...

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Facebook Live – July 3rd – Blender Pen Refill Recipe

Happy Wednesday!  I wanted to pop in and share the video of today's faceboook live.  FB was a little wonky today and apparently most of you couldn't see the video.  I've been attempting to post them here each week so that you can access the craziness that is our...

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May 2019 Layouts Class

Ahhh...summer is here.  Ella's last day of school was Friday and our summer routines have started....I'm that kind of mom hat believes in summer chores and while it's a struggle to get her to "work", I believe it will help in the long run.  She's supposed to complete...

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