Dragonfly Garden

Sometimes we need a quick card and that’s when I would suggest using a “card sketch”.  A card sketch is exactly what it sounds like…a card sketch.  It’s when you take the elements of a card that appeals to you and use the elements and dimensions to create an entirely new card.  That’s what I did on a recent Coffee Klatch.

Loved the layout of an ice cream card I had in the studio and needed something quick for my klatch that was to start in 15 minutes!  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  Here’s the card that hatched from the sketch.  I love it!  Now it’s your turn…take this card sketch and create a fun new version!

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And should you want to replicate my card exactly..here’s the supplies I used.

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Hand-Penned Petals Card Stash Mailable Class

I posted a few details last week about this month’s Card Stash Door Dash Delivery Service…you know that mailable kit all my peeps are talking about?!  This month we’ve chosen to do Hand-Penned Petals and it’s quickly becoming one of my all time favorite flower sets.  It’s GOOORRGEOUS..  So you know the drill…each month a collaboration of demos and I pick a stamp set to create with.  We make 12 cards, type up a PDF and then I put together a swag bag of products from the supplies and cut cardstock for 6 cards (2 of 3 designs), package it all up and voila…Card Stash Door Dash Delivery Service and instead of me bringing in to you on a cute little Vespa scooter, your trusty USPS employee will deliver it right to your mailbox.  (while the vespa is a cute idea, the reality of helmet hair just isn’t working for me)

So you have until May 20th to order the Hand-Penned Petals mailable Card Stash Door Dash kit.  I will have it in the mail by the 30th.  Here’s what’s included in this month’s CSDDDS kit

Card Stash Door Dash Delivery Service May– $22

  • Your $22 Registration will include:
    • All Materials cut and prepped to make 6 cards (2 of 3 designs) PLUS a complete full-color tutorial to make an additional nine stinkin’ cute cards (12 Total Cards)
    • 1/3 Pack Hand-Penned DSP – 24 Sheets – 4″ x 6″
    • 2 Yards 3/8″ Open Weave Pale Papaya Ribbon
    • 2 Yards 1/4″ White Seam Binding Ribbon
    • 1 Yard Linen Thread
    • 40 Genial Gems
    • 6 Square Vellum Doilies
    • Shipping is included

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And here’s a little sneak peek at one of the cards in the CSDDDS kit this month…seriously folks, you don’t want to miss this awesome mailable class!

Hand-Penned Card Stash Door Dash Deliver Service

I’m so excited to announce May’s Card Stash….this is a ‘to-go” class that’s delivered right to your door.  What a novel concept.  I know that so many of you love coming to class here in the studio and with the New Buffet Format, even MORE!  but sometimes you just need cards that you can complete at your leisure and in the comfort of your jammies, at the cabin, on vacation or on a Bad Hair Don’t Care kind of day…and that’s where the Card Stash Monthly class kits come in.

I’ve got a PDF with 12 fabulous cards and I pick 3 cards that I think would be fun to make, cut and prep them x2 (6 cards total) and then put together a bunch of swag so that you can make most of the remaining 9 cards if desired with a few additional items and cardstock.  All that get email and snail mailed out to you.  I usually post the stamp set, products needed, swag to be received and a registration link around the first of the month.  Registration is open until the 20th at which time I start prepping the swag kits and will mail them out to you!

This month is the Hand-Penned set.  It’s amazing and it’s one of the things you can order tomorrow when our new catalog goes live!  This kit is so soft and springy that I just couldn’t stop playing with it.  I think you will love the cards done in this Card Stash Door Dash.

Order your CSDDDS Hand-Penned kit here!

Prized Peony Card Stash Door Dash

Sometimes you just want simple…you don’t want to drag out all your supplies and have to create something fabulous from scratch.  You don’t want to have to think too hard.  You want something that goes together in a flash while you are bingeing on Outlander, the Gilmore Girls, NCIS or any other Netflix show you didn’t get thru during 2020…so that’s where the Card Stash Door Dash Delivery Service comes into play.  This is a fun “to-go” card class with coordinating swag.  This month my CSDDDS (card stash door dash delivery service) was centered around the Peony Garden suite of products and this was one of the cards that was included in the to-go class.

I post the stamp set and swag items around the 1st of the month, allow registrations thru the 20th, order the products and get them mailed out by the end of the month.  Then we repeat the process with a NEW set the next month.

When you register for this class, it’s only $22 and THAT INCLUDES shipping.  You get a full color 12 card PDF using the selected stamp set and then I pick my three favorites that will work well as a “to-go” class.  I precut and package my selected cards so that you can make two of each.  One for you and one for a friend, for a total of 6 cards – 2 of 3, iaf you need help with the math because you are under-caffeinated this morning.  Next I put together a swag bag of “stuff” that is used in the tutorial, usually DSP, Ribbon and embellishments.  Package all those up and get them mailed out to you by the last day of the month.  This class delivery service DOES NOT include the stamp set or ink pads as I’m assuming that you either have the set or something comparable or can order that separately from me.  It’s easier for me to keep track of this way…and heaven knows, I NEED simple.  I’m always under-caffeinated or at least that’s the excuse I’m using and not that I’m losing my faculties!

So the Door Dash for May will be the Sweet Strawberry stamp set.  I’m thinking you would love this kit of stamps.  Watch my calendar for more information as it becomes available.


Simply Succulents Sympathy Card

Succulents…because they are so stinkin’ cute!  The variety, the colors, the teeny tiny little bundles of cuteness.  Seriously…I’ve had a thing for them long before they were cool.   So glad they are hip now because the options are endless!  I had a few minutes this weekend to refresh my typewriter succulent planter with a few new specimens.

While they are an arid kind of plant, they actually do need watering on occasion and apparently don’t necessarily survive on the dregs of my coffee cup.  Weak…I know!  I do perfectly well on a coffee diet!  harumph.  The poor little baby in the front is critical and I’m not sure if he’ll make it but I thought I’d try giving it a little water and try to revive him.

I saw this the other day on Facebook and I so desperately need one, don’t you think?  I think IKEA has some cute faux succulents but if anyone has any other sources, please let me know.  I’m pretty sure I won’t kill these…

I’d also like to do one of these this summer.  I “may” have had one of these at one time and I “may” have killed it.  I accidentally left it out going into the winter….ooops.  Those puppies are extremely heavy btw!

So when SU debuted the Simply Succulent set…I jumped right on it and now that the weather is nicer and I’m thinking about some of these projects, I felt like I needed to work a little bit with bundle.  So stinkin’ cute, I would say!

I think I will have this one available for my Monday, April 26th Coffee & Card Buffet class.

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You can make your own stinkin’ cute Succulent card and of course, the greetings can be changed.

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Pansy Patch

It’s early spring here in Southern Wisconsin but the flowers are starting to bloom and give me hope of nicer weather.  I shared this card earlier this week in Coffee Klatsch and thought you might like a little sneak peek at some of the upcoming products in our new catalog that will debut on May 4th.  I would imagine….like the tulips and daffodils around here…your free copies will start popping up all over?  I’ve mailed out about a 150 of these sweet things to all of my current customers that have ordered from me this past year.  If you missed the deadline, let me know and I’d be happy to pop one in the mail to you or you are welcome to swing over and pick up a copy….and for those of you that are interested in my rewards club…I’m working on spiral bound copies for you!  Because I LOVE you!

So here’s just a few of the new things found in the awesome new catalog!  Can you spot all five of the new in-colors here?  Soft Succulent, Positively Pink, Pale Papaya, Evening Evergreen and Fresh Freesia…watch for more information about the In-color Club next month!