Haven’t had a lot of time in my Happy Place this past weekend but I had a little fairy godmother come and spiff up my stamping desk.  My friend and customer, Tracy R has been itching to be turned loose in my chaotic studio and work a little magic.  You can check out my desk here…Not sure if I really want to show you the “before” but here goes…I’m not overly ashamed…I have a little plaque that says…”I’m creative, you can’t expect me to be neat too”.   This was taken earlier this spring.  My dad has installed drawers for me and I moved out a few cabinets…


Although, Tracy R. obviously has BOTH those qualities so I’m grateful that she’s willing to help a friend out.  Hoping to slowly work our way around the room.   She’s my own personal Marie Kondo working her magic.

And like any good episode of Tidying Up…this creative, chaotic mess of a studio has been 13 years in the making.  We found this house and moved in rather quickly and I had re-model the studio from scratch.  Followed up with a pregnancy and a new baby…and the snowball rolled from there.  So..while the studio has always brought me joy…It’s my Happy Place!  I’m hoping to create a few systems and better organization that I’ve longed for for 30+years.

Are you a neat freak?  Do you have everything organized by color?   Do you struggle with organization?   Leave a comment with your favorite organization tip or trick!

Back in the Saddle Again…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in the “proverbial blogging saddle” but I’m back at it!  And so very excited to share this news with you!  I had taken a little hiatus from posting while I had a website designer give my blog/website a makeover.  Adria had said that my blog looked so 2004…well of course, it does!  That’s about the  time it was created and you know me, I’ve got the tech-y skills of a 3rd grader!   So what do you think? Leave me a comment!

I, myself, am over the top excited by the new look.  I used a designer I found online from Wisconsin here.  Kelly Ward of Digital K managed to take my dream-look and make it a reality.  SO.LOVE. her and her work.  Swoon-worthy!

And because we are back in the saddle, I thought today would be a good day to share a sweet little card featuring the Let It Ride Stamp Set.  Love this set…

Let It Ride

So here’s to a whole new look and a whole new year and a bunch of stinkin’ cute cards and projects!

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Online Extravaganza

Working in the studio this morning and I just wanted to give you a quick shout out again that today is the last day for the Online Extravaganza!  Tools and Ink from the Main Catalog are 10% off today.  That’s refills, ink pads, markers and BLENDS!  Yes, I said Blends!  All Blends in the big catty are on sale, while supplies last, of course…and you’ve been a very good stamper and I would think Santa wouldn’t mind you getting a head start on your Xmas gift.

Seasonal ChumsSo one of the things on the list was to upload a few LONG ago filmed videos…this was filmed LAST year but hey, guess what!  The Blends are on sale!  AND because I love you, I whipped up alittle companion card using the same layout, same stamp set but current DSP.  It’s pretty stinkin’ cute.


And a quick little video using the Seasonal Chums stamp set.  And one more think checked off my list!  Hooray.




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Making Christmas Bright

So excited…I think I actually made time to blog TWO times this week and sent out THREE newsletters.  Ok, one was a catch-up for the 12 Weeks of Xmas but hey, it’s still out!  And it’s only WEDNESDAY!  Whoo Hoo…

I’m popping in with a quick video that I did for the Take Three Class sample from September.  Yesterday my video was one from July and logic would have me finish July’s and move on to August, but hey, who’s talking logic!  I wanted to share September’s sample.  This was a sweet little card we did for the class.  Contact me for more information about attending the Take Three Classes and even better becoming a Rewards Club Member!

Making Christmas Bright


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Because who doesn’t like butterflies…

because butterflies are a much nicer topic than my, a little overwhelming, to-do list.   But it’s nice when butterflies are ON my to-do list beacause then I can think of nice things as I’m crossing off things on that list!  Whoo Hoo!  This was one of the cards that we used WAY back in July for my Take Three Class.  I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share this fun technique with you.  I would imagine that it would be pretty cool with Autumn Leaves or better yet, snowflakes?  I think if I get time this week I might give it a try….




Abstract Impressions Stampin Up!

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Leave me a comment if you love the technique!

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Fall 2018 Camp Stamp-in-Oga

Seems like I haven't posted since the LAST Camp?  How can that be…oh right, Adria's boyfriend proposed on the evening of the LAST Stamp camp in June and of course, she said "YES!".  So they decided that they would like to be married at our house in the fall of 2018!?!   and so we jumped into full-scale wedding prep mode and with a lot of help from friends and family, we pulled of a lovely day filled with friends, family and a lot of food.  It was amazing.

Wedding 1 Wedding 3 Wedding 3 Wedding 3

and that brings us to today…we've gotten the landscaping done, a daughter married and it's back to stamping and where we are getting ready to bring you another great event this upcoming weekend.  So I'm hoping that you will forgive the lapse in blogging…we've been a tad preoccupied, but it was so worth every second of it as it was a very special day.

Camp 2018This is one of the special cards we will be making at camp this weekend.  It's lovely!


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It's nice to be back.  If you haven't signed up for camp, make sure that you stop in for the rummage from 9am-1pm.  Lots of goodies to be had.  WE will be at All Saint's Lutheran Church on Saturday, Oct 20th – 705 W Tomlin Rd Wales, Wisconsin 53183 – Rummage from 9am-1pm.  Camp runs from 9am-10:30pm with both an AM Class and All Day Retreat