Weekly Deals – Dec 16th – Dec 22nd

I'm working at the hospital this weekend so I'll take just a few seconds to share this week's (Dec 16th-Dec 22nd)  Weekly Deals today. As most of you know, I am also a part-time Medical Technologist and I truly have the best of many worlds.  I have a fulfilling creative career here in my rubberstamping business (with fabulous free trips that I've earned), I use my college training, working part-time at the hospital laboratory (with the safety net of being able to go back to work full-time if necessary) and a mom/wife.    I usually am juggling a few hats but I do feel pretty blessed in that I can almost have my cake and eat it too.  The only slight drawback is the catatonic state I exist in when I work two nights in a row, like today.  But it's all good and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

We've been visiting various colleges in helping Adria prep for her post-high school learning and she's undecided as to her career goals or even career path.  I thought we'd narrowed it down to Carroll University here in Waukesha with Physical Therapy as her major but she's throwing in Dental Hygiene and WCTC or Marquette into the mix.  While I have many dental hygienist friends..I told her I didn't think I'd want to spend my next 35 years looking into people's mouths..Adria graciously reminded me that I've spent 25 years looking at what comes out the other end and I've been ok with that?  Ok, then….

I did suggest medical technology as an option but she thought it was too techie…I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know what I do…Why do the biggest decisions have to be made when they are so very young.  It just doesn't seem fair.  So while I wax maudlin and a little sad and a little excited to see my baby making a few fluttering attempts at being a grown-up, I'm just going to shut up and show you the deals for the week.  Hugs…just a momma, feeling a little tender and emotional…yikes.



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