Back when I was a wee little someone, there was no such thing as Elf on a Shelf…and really not even while my kids were little.  Thank goodness since sometimes the tooth fairy even forgot to show up and that was only once in a blue moon…but to have to remember to move the Elf and come up with some stinkin’ creative scenarios for this deviant little elf…that’s a LOT of pressure to perform!  Yikes…

Back in my day…we were old school and it was Secret Santa.  You’d sneak in and put a little something in someone’s locker or on their desk, no elaborate scenarios to set…only a little stealth necessary to complete the mission.  Those were the good old days.  Let’s bring them Elf on a Shelf, elaborate prom-posals, gorgeous charcuterie trays, Joanna Gaines inspired homes. (I’m telling you Pinterest will be the debt of me!  Pun intended).  Just plain old 70’s where a fondue pot and macramé owl were the height of upscale living!  Ah the good old days…

So in a nod to then and now…I have a stinkin’ cute Secret Santa gift with a little creative packaging..because it is 2023 and we are in the era of Elf on a Shelf.  I mean really have you seen some of those Elf set ups?

My friend Cathy made the bath bombs for me and you can find them on her website here.

Cathy’s Website

I used the baggies from the November Paper Pumpkin and a few other items that I’ve listed here.  I’ve got two extra kits that I will be putting into my January Card Buffet…just sayin.  See you then!


Product List

You can watch Tuesday’s Coffee Klatsch here for instructions on making this sweet little Secret Santa Gift.