In typical Wisconsin fashion, we had summer for a week and now the return to the 97th day of January.  Aargh…I’m not sure I can deal with this manic-depressive weather…I see why people move to Hawaii, San Diego or Florida in spite of the BIG BUGS!  eeeps.  The monotony of 85  and sunny day in and day out is alluring.  Ok, hurricanes not withstanding but still…I think I might like my chances! But, I’ll shut up now…we had maybe an Inch of snow yesterday and not the 20 inches of northern WI.  Now that’s depressing.

So speaking of Big Bugs…I did the cutest Little Bug card today in Coffee Klatsch for my niece Caitlyn’s birthday.  I used the Hello Ladybug along with a Sketch Challenge I’d found on Pinterest.  Here’s the Sketch and the card.  So stinkin’ cute!  I thought about using the retiring Plentiful Plants stamp set since she’s a plant girl… but this ones done and ready for the mail.

I decided that  I needed to add an embossed layer and a black bow and of course, some Matte Black Dots.  This sketch is fun.  Let’s see what you can do!  I think it’s time for a Sketch Challenge!  Text or email your submissions or post to my Facebook page here and one lucky participant will win a prize!   Submit your designs by April 25th to participate.  IF you missed the Coffee Klatsch today, you can find that here!

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