I’ve given up all hope for a White Christmas here in Southern Wisconsin, but I’m sure that white stuff that you either love or hate will most likely arrive at some point so I made some pages in the November Layouts class just for the occasion.  So maybe it’s my fault that it won’t be white here for the holidays…and you can either yell at me or thank me.  Your call.  But regardless…my class attendees and I are prepared for wintery photos… although for myself, I wouldn’t have to dig very deep to come up with some unscrapped oldies, no doubt!

I love the Scrapbook Layouts classes and I hold them here in the studio on a monthly basis.  I’ve finished up the November To-Go kits for those that weren’t able to attend in person.  I have several options for kits and I encourage you to join us in person or virtually.  Here’s the first set of pages from the November class.  I’m hoping to have a little time to work on pages for January in the next few days.

Click here for more information about the January Layouts Class.

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