Ahh…peace and quiet here in the studio this morning.  Ella’s back in school, Rob’s off to work and Denver’s working but packed up and headed out west hunting.  Adria and Caleb are headed back to Utah today for the winter and it’s just the girls and I here….so there is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for a lack of productivity today.  So…I’m back in the saddle.  Here’s a sweet little card that we did for Coffee Klatsch this morning.  Remember, you can join me every M, W, Th, & Friday for Coffee Klatsch at 9am CT….we share coffee, stories and obviously do a little stamping!  Meet us on my stinkincutecards Facebook page.

So this little sheep from this morning…  I love how it’s balancing on the fence….kinda like a gymnast.  My amazing little gymnast is playing soccer at the moment.  She’s got another new team this year…long story..another day but she’s had a new coach just about every year that she’s played soccer….hmmm…does that tell you something.  Further more, most of the teachers she’s had in grade school retired the year after having Ella…Not sure if they wanted to go out with the best or if it was the catalyst for retirement.  I will say that she’s spicy and a lot of fun…but I’m her mom and I love her.  just kidding…she’s a good kid and she may give you attitude but will give you 100%  and a lot of heart in what ever she does.

This past weekend she played in Rockford at the Puma Cup.  They’ve combined the U16 & U17 so they have enough to roster a team.  The U19’s were also short so several of the girls played 4 games on Saturday.  Little Energizer Bunny was sore but smiling to the end.  Walked away with 2nd place for their age group and helped the U19s win first.  Going to tuck my sweet little card into her backpack tomorrow morning….just as a little I Love You….and to let her know we think she’s special and amazing!

I added a star to the chest of the Balancing Sheep along the lines of a gold medal or a gold star. Stinkin’ cute if I don’t say so myself.

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