Succulents…because they are so stinkin’ cute!  The variety, the colors, the teeny tiny little bundles of cuteness.  Seriously…I’ve had a thing for them long before they were cool.   So glad they are hip now because the options are endless!  I had a few minutes this weekend to refresh my typewriter succulent planter with a few new specimens.

While they are an arid kind of plant, they actually do need watering on occasion and apparently don’t necessarily survive on the dregs of my coffee cup.  Weak…I know!  I do perfectly well on a coffee diet!  harumph.  The poor little baby in the front is critical and I’m not sure if he’ll make it but I thought I’d try giving it a little water and try to revive him.

I saw this the other day on Facebook and I so desperately need one, don’t you think?  I think IKEA has some cute faux succulents but if anyone has any other sources, please let me know.  I’m pretty sure I won’t kill these…

I’d also like to do one of these this summer.  I “may” have had one of these at one time and I “may” have killed it.  I accidentally left it out going into the winter….ooops.  Those puppies are extremely heavy btw!

So when SU debuted the Simply Succulent set…I jumped right on it and now that the weather is nicer and I’m thinking about some of these projects, I felt like I needed to work a little bit with bundle.  So stinkin’ cute, I would say!

I think I will have this one available for my Monday, April 26th Coffee & Card Buffet class.

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You can make your own stinkin’ cute Succulent card and of course, the greetings can be changed.

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