Did you have a lovely Valentines Day Weekend?  Did your sweetheart buy you flowers?  Did you make you make him/her a cake?  Did you brave the crowds to have a romantic candlelit dinner?  Our Valentines was a tad different than that but equally delightful.  I bought my Sweetheart some new dress socks.  I’m practical that way.  He’s not much of a gift giver but he went out of his comfort zone and found a cute farmhouse vase for the place.  (I’m hoping to take down the winter decorations today and use it in the little area on top of my cupboards) and then he switched out all the exterior door handles for me…front door wouldn’t open so its good now.  Changed them all from the old gold to the oil rubbed bronze.  And with that off my list, it’s further proof that he loves me!

And for dinner plans..my dear friend Marla and her husband,  invited an entire house full of old married couples and had a lovely dinner for us.  It was so fun and relaxing!  Between the company and the food it was better than any 5 Star establishment.  So fun!  Of course, I think I forgot to take any pictures…so my poor Valentines page is going to be empty for another year.  But really would this page HAVE to be on Valentines day?  I think it would be cute for any day with your sweetheart.  Actually I think I have just the right photos!  I’m sure you do too…and if not, take one today!  Love is in the air!  I’ve got 2 extra kits that I will be adding to my Facebook page shortly. Let me know if you want one of them!

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and don’t think those adorable heart doilies are only for cards! I added these hearts to my Christmas wreathes and left them up for the Valentines Holiday. I’m practical that way. 🙂

Now, don’t forget Scrapbook Layouts are this week. Thursday 2/20. Studio will be open 5pm – 8pm – Drop in anytime during the hours listed and make 4 equally awesome pages! $25.00 for 4 pages!

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