Happy Wednesday!  I wanted to pop in and share the video of today’s faceboook live.  FB was a little wonky today and apparently most of you couldn’t see the video.  I’ve been attempting to post them here each week so that you can access the craziness that is our weekly live sessions over and over!  Anyhoo….today I shared the swap card I’m working on for cruise, yes, we leave on Friday but hey, at least it’s designed?? and the flight is long and I will need some sort of entertainment.

Of course, I needed a blender pen and I couldn’t find the lone “good” blender that I knew was working, here in the studio…so I did what we all do…check every single old blender pen in the stash, with the exactly the same results we’ve had last 10 times we did this.  Not sure if we are waiting for a heavenly miracle to wet them pens or a stamping fairy godmother to wave a wand and all will be fixed??  This is the exact same phenomenon with the ink pen drawer in the house.  Take a phone call, grab a pen to jot something down and then go thru about 6 to find one that works…and once the call is complete, do the dry ones go in the garbage?  Oh no, they go right back into the drawer for my fairy godmother to fix….

But be glad you haven’t thrown away your blender pens…I have a recipe that you will let you fix them on your own!

Here’s the recipe….

  • 1/4 tsp alcohol
  • 2 tsp glycerin
  • 4 tsp distilled water

mix together and store in an enclosed container.

to refill a blender pen, remove the tips and brush nibs.  Soak nibs in the solution and use an eyedropper, pipette or spoon to drop the solution into the barrel of your dry blender pen.

Of course, the wise soul will repeat the process with ALL the dry blends in the drawer so no matter which pen is grabbed it’s a working pen.  But that’s the perfect world and probably not happening here in mine.