Isn’t this little bunny absolutely adorable!?  He’s so cute I can hardly stand it and I’m sure I’ll consider him cute until I find him eating my green beans sprouts in a couple of weeks…that’s a little bit like babies and children…they are really cute until you find them scribbling with Sharpie on the kitchen cupboards, or sitting naked on a rocking horse covered with about 1 pint of honey, screaming their fool heads off at 3am or crashing a four wheeler because there was a spider on their shoulder.    Don’t ask me how I know…I just do.  🙂  But really they are heart meltingly sweet, right?!?  (funny how auto-correct wanted to change meltingly to tormentingly)  Freudian slip I would say?!?


So my challenge this week is to use this sweet little bunny in a card for my class NEXT week called Critters.  We are sure to use the Let It Ride set, along with this little bunny and some of the dog/cat punch options.  And no…I don’t have anything designed yet.  I’m working on it!  hahah…just trust me, they are going to be stinkin’ cute no doubt!
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Here’s a link to the calendar where you can browse upcoming events and register for class!  Isn’t that fun!