Yes, I know that this is a stamping blog BUT…as much as I wish it otherwise, I cannot stamp all day, everyday.  Occasionally I need to make a meal and clean the house.  Last week, our freezer was only halfway working.  The bottom was freezing but the top where all the ice cream is kept, wasn’t.  I’m pretty sure you can imagine what my day was filled with.  So, I had a few things that needed to be used up and one of them were the “smoked pork hocks”.  Now, when we bought the pig from a farmer friend and it was at the butcher, the butchers called and asked if I wanted the hocks too.   While I’m no spring chicken, I’m not from the “let’s all whip up some smoked pork hocks” era either….but being a frugal, waste-not, want-not kind of gal, I said, “sure, throw them in”.  They’ve been sitting all wrapped up in the freezer with a fair shot at getting freezer burned as I had absolutely no idea what to do with them.  I’m calling it Sarendipity that the freezer puked out and I needed to jump online and find a recipe to use those thawed out pork hocks..

Of course, I’m pretty sure you aren’t the “my favorite meal is pork hocks” kind of person either BUT this recipe will work fabulously with a ham bone and guess what a vast majority of you will be eating on Sunday noon…yup, an Easter Ham!  Me?  I’m working but I’m going to try and sweet talk Rob into cooking.  🙂  So don’t throw out that ham bone…make this split pea soup.  It was AMAZING and super easy.  I made a double batch and I think I’ve only got about 2 bowls left.  It was THAT good…and did I mention it was pretty easy?  I found this recipe over at Follow her on pinterest for a bunch of other very tasty sounding recipes and if the rest are as tasty as the split pea soup, I’m a fan!