Haven’t had a lot of time in my Happy Place this past weekend but I had a little fairy godmother come and spiff up my stamping desk.  My friend and customer, Tracy R has been itching to be turned loose in my chaotic studio and work a little magic.  You can check out my desk here…Not sure if I really want to show you the “before” but here goes…I’m not overly ashamed…I have a little plaque that says…”I’m creative, you can’t expect me to be neat too”.   This was taken earlier this spring.  My dad has installed drawers for me and I moved out a few cabinets…


Although, Tracy R. obviously has BOTH those qualities so I’m grateful that she’s willing to help a friend out.  Hoping to slowly work our way around the room.   She’s my own personal Marie Kondo working her magic.

And like any good episode of Tidying Up…this creative, chaotic mess of a studio has been 13 years in the making.  We found this house and moved in rather quickly and I had re-model the studio from scratch.  Followed up with a pregnancy and a new baby…and the snowball rolled from there.  So..while the studio has always brought me joy…It’s my Happy Place!  I’m hoping to create a few systems and better organization that I’ve longed for for 30+years.

Are you a neat freak?  Do you have everything organized by color?   Do you struggle with organization?   Leave a comment with your favorite organization tip or trick!