Ella has been off of school for a full week and a half and we've settled into a routine of sorts so it's not "quite" as chaotic as it could be.  Of course, the wheels can fall off the bus at any given moment…take this morning for instance.  BIG plans for a productive day in the studio and then, the proverbial wheels went a rollin' own the hill.  Just as I was getting the video equipment set up, incessant and frantic barking alerts me to an "issue" and when I rush out to shush the little darlin's, lest they wake the neighborhood, (apparently let sleeping dogs lie, only refers to actual dogs in their books and not neighbors and impish children) I find that two "bird" dogs have managed to tree a wood chuck.  This act was probably because I spent last night, snarkily telling them they were obviously bird dogs since they couldn't manage to chase away the raccoon that I found on my porch last night…Told them it was obvious they weren't coon hounds, but I digress.  Chaos reigned supreme.  The wood chuck fell out of the tree but managed to get a couple of licks in before the fight was over…me in my jammies, chasing dogs with a critter in their mouths around our yard.  Spent the morning treating up the wounded and dealing with the causality and mopping blood off my floor.  All it a days work?  I prefer not!  I just want to stamp.  Needless to say the productivity quotient was a bit low today.  

And  in the aftermath, Ms. Ella who should have been doing her chores has decided that it would be a good idea to take colored pencils to her lips.  Imagine Bozo the clown crossed with Kylie Jenner.  A pox on those dumb DIY videos these kids are watching nowadays!  Albeit, it's not the Tide Pod challenge but as I've told her yet again.."just because you can, doesn't mean you should".  September is looking mighty fine already.

So when I say I need to spend time in my Happy Place, you will know I really mean it and need it.  Here's a card that I stamped this week for my "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" class featuring the fabulous new color refresh we had this year and showcaseing some of my new favorite colors.

Abstract Impressions 1I'm fairly certain that somewhere on the internet was the inspiration for this card.  I designed it at 4am the morning of class and I'm pretty sure the coffee hadn't kicked it quite yet and I am equally sure that something this gorgeous wouldn't be completely my doing, especially that early and that close to wire.  I've looked but I can't seem to find the "seed of design idea" , as I would love to give design cred to the appropriate stamper.

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Happy Stamping.  I best head into the house and make sure "someone" is focusing on her chores and hasn't digressed into making foundation with cocoa again.  Oh yes, my friends.  There is a DIY video and again, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.