Working in the studio this morning and STILL working on sharing pages from recent classes. I'm sharing the office with something I had NEVER in a million years thought I'd be sharing it with… IMG_3333


We picked up our "bee packages" on Saturday to replace the hives that died out over the winter.  I went to check on them on Monday afternoon and  one looked completely dead….the guy at the "bee farm" suggested I bring them to a warmer place and give them honey to see if they will revive.  We live in WI and where exactly would there be a "warmer" spot?!  Our garage and barn isn't heated…so that left the office.  Yes, we brought the entire hive (it's sealed up-supposedly) into the office to warm.  Well the Good news is that my hive is a "Lazarus" hive and the bees are reviving and the Bad news is the weather forecast doesn't look to improve until tomorrow.  I don't want to risk setting them back outside if they are a tad fragile so hence, I'm sharing the office with a bunch of bees.  Good news…the $130 investment in a new package of bees isn't a complete loss (I'll check on my queen once they are outside! I'm not that brave to open the hive completely up indoors!  That would seem to be a recipe for disaster although I could probably make a fortune on America's Funniest Videos or something) and the Bad News…there must be a little hole somewhere in the hive box itself and now that they are moving, several are escaping.  I keep scooping them back up off the floor and dumping them into the hive.  Seriously…20 years ago I would never have imagined this as my life…not sure what I was imagining, but I'm fairly confident, this wasn't it! 

I have class tomorrow night and I'm pretty sure my wonderful scrappers wouldn't be so enamored with the experience so rest assured the bees will be moved out to their spring quarters tomorrow morning as soon as the temps are above freezing and all stray bees will either be shooed out to fend for themselves or become a diversion for the dogs.  I had to send the dogs outdoors this morning cuz they were pestering the ones that keep escaping.  My nerves are a little taunt from worrying about this, to begin with, so the dogs had to go. 

So that's my day…it's just a nut house, goat rodeo, 3 ring circus, zoo…you name it and we are it….so the little menagerie on this page pretty much sums up life around here.  And speaking of a 3 Ring circus…I've created these pages for an upcoming Girl Scout Camping weekend in June.  I'm not sure what's crazier…a troop of 5th graders camping or a studio full of bees..but regardless, Emerald Envy makes for a good Girl Scout Green – so stock up!  I love this We Must Celebrate stamp set too as it's just SOOO stinkin' cute.  It, also, is retiring so if it's on YOUR list…get it today.  Can't wait to take photos of those little Girl Scout animals to add to this page.

We Must Celebrate Final(18)

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On Film Framelits Die