Sympathy Cards… Petal Garden Sympathy Card Petal Garden Memories and Morethey are a little ray of love and care sent during a dark time.  We've all been there where a simple piece of paper has given us a little hug and helped us to take another step.  So of all the cards we send, I think Sympathy cards are probably the most important…so then, why don't we have them on hand?  I'm sure it's just that we don't like thinking about the loss and sadness associated with them.  I have a solution..stamp them in bulk ahead of time.

This past summer I had some requests for a Sympathy Card Stamp A Stack class and so I put together 8 Thinking of You/Sympathy cards for my class attendees.  I wanted them to be simple, serene and elegant.  I felt the Petal Garden Memories and More Card Pack would be the perfect fit. 

Petal Garden Memories

Memories & More Card Packs are just that…perfect for Memory Keeping but great for More…like cardmaking Sympathy cards.  I designed 8 cards that fit my requirements, simple, serene and elegant.  I used a handful of other items and stamp sets to make the cards in the classroom.  The really nice part is that because each of the preprinted, double-sided cards included in the kit that I used come 2 of each of the 26 designs for the 3"x4" size and 20 of the 4"x6" cards….meaning that by adding just a few basic sheets of cardstock for bases, these cards could be recreated in duplicate…yes that's 16 Sympathy cards in no time.

Now I don't want to be greedy and horde the information.  There are spirits to be lifted everywhere.  I spent a couple of days last week photographing and typing up detailed instructions and supply lists for this set of cards and I have a little gift for you.  Place an order with me this month (March) and I will send each customer a pdf copy of this Petal Garden Memories and More Sympathy Cards Class.  Now just a little word of advice, when you place that order, make sure you are ordering the Memories and More Card Pack #144208 because if you don't, you're going to be so inspired and need to turn around and place another order for the Card PAck…of course, I'm ok with that too as I'm hoping to reach my $800K goal this month…but I thought I'd just give you a heads up…consider it a public service announcement.  :)  Hugs!  Go Forth and stamp…

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