Stampin' Up! doesn't just stand for creative Papercrafting but here's the video we watched last year announcing our incentive trip for 2018. 


Pretty creative announcement video?!  Yes, thanks to all your help, we did earn the cruise to this fabulous destination and we are hoping to bring all the peeps along.  I just booked a little extension to our trip as Denver loves to fly fish and since we leave from Seattle we hoped to get a couple of days in the Olympic National Forest in.  Ella and I are hoping to do a little beach walking, Adria's hoping to veg out in a chair, the guys want to do some fishing so it's all starting to come together.  I'm trying to talk the guys into letting us visit Forks…you know of the Twilight fame era. 

I do have an awesome job with an awesome company.  I am currently working on the incentive trip for 2019 and it's a cruise to the Greek Isles.  I. Can't. Wait!  I'm about halfway to earning it so it's just a matter of chugging along.  But again, thanks again for all your support!