I'm celebrating the supermoon, blue moon and lunar eclipse by spending the day in the office working.  Yes, I'm a party-er like that.  Last night when we were talking about how it's been a 150 years since the last one, Ella offered, so helpfully, that perhaps Rob and I should make sure we observed this one.  So what you are saying is that we may not be around for the next?   If it wasn't so morbid, it would have been hilarious.  :)  So heeding her warning, I did make sure that I got a chance to take a peek this morning and unfortunately, we were cloud covered….just like the solar eclipse.  Sigh….One would think we lived in Seattle and not Waukesha, what with all the cloud cover!   But I digress…Here's a fun little layout  for when you've been camping and have had a chance to watch the stars and take in a little nature.  It was a fun layout that we did WAY back this summer and I'm finally getting a chance to get it shared with ya'll.  I do think I have a couple of these kits left.  Contact me for more information and make sure you mark your calendars for the next Scrapbook Layout class on Feb 22nd!  It's a blast


Sept 17 Layout 6

Product List

Confetti Stars Punch

Confetti Stars Punch