Today…sit down and go through your Holiday Catalog and decide if there are any "wants" and "must-haves" because tomorrow, Dec 1st, we are releasing our Holiday Retiring List and Year-End Clearance Sale.  Last year the deals and discounts abounded BUT supplies WERE limited and things sold out FAST! 

So Click this link on Dec 1st to be taken to the list. 

I wonder if that adorable cat punch will be on the retiring list.  If it is…it's one of the things that will sell out FAST!  I'm NOT saying it is…just that IF it is..make sure you order STAT. 

I had a dear customer and friend order this recently and I promised her a stinkin' cute card using the cat punch.  Here's what I came up with for her yesterday. 

Cat 1 Cat 2

It kinda looks a little like my house..Red with White trim although my cats are sitting OUTSIDE the windows not inside.  We have three wonderful barn kitties that have the best of both worlds, pampering and the freedom to roam 5 acres catching whatever little critters they desire.  While I would love an indoor kittie, two of our kids are a bit allergic, so outdoor kitties they are until Ella sneaks them up to bed with her.  They are actually quite pesky and one customer even found a little "purring surprise" curled up in her backseat on the way home.  My UPS delivery guy has had one try to help with deliveries too.  Naughty little beasts.  :)  They are usually found lounging on my front porch, especially as the afternoon sun creeps along to the chairs. 

LedaThis one's Leda and a real sweetheart.  She's the momma to the brood and to several of my customer's cats as well.  We needed to take drastic measures, much to Ella's disappointment, when I ran out of willing adoptive customers…so no new kittens this year.  🙁



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