It's been a very productive week here in the studio this week.  Been workin' my biscuits off, I tell you!  And if I tell you often enough, maybe we will both start to believe it.  :) 

This is my 3rd uploaded video for the week though so it hasn't been all bon-bons and books this week.  Ella and I spent some time earlier this week picking all the peppers, basil and eggplant figuring that we are sure to get a freeze this week.  The kale, broccoli and cabbage can handle the cold weather so that's all good.  Not really sure why we planted two long rows of kale as I'm not a big fan, but we've been feeding gigantic arm loads to our pigs,  Pork & Beans. It's kinda cute when they come a squealin' when they see us coming with the big green bundles.  Rob bought them this summer as "feeder" pigs with the intent to butcher…but I didn't imagine I'd develop such a soft soft for the little guys and I'm completely understanding why there is the the old adage about not naming farm animals….not sure if I can do this.  :( 

I guess it's a natural process of life if one isn't completely vegan.   It's  "easy" for me to walk up to the meat counter and pick up a package of tenderloins, order up a burger at Culver's or lace up my leather shoe.  I have no problem whatsoever eating bacon on any given day…so rationally this isn't any different, right?  Actually, I have been trying to tell myself that these two are completely spoiled by the attention, great eats, back scratches and pampering so they are really enjoying their lives as opposed to feeder lot pigs that are crammed into pens and have such a miserable life…again, if I tell myself it often enough…will it make Thanksgiving any easier?  That's just the morale dilemma here on the farm today…in the meantime, I will continue to make Pork and Bean's existence the best it can possibly, and count myself blessed that they are so delighted to eat that yucky green stuff that's called kale.

This Little Piggy

And yes…the boys are this cute.  And contrary to the stereotypes, they aren't very stinky or messy. 


and wouldn't you know…but both of these Designer Papers are on the special.  Wood Textures and the Coffee Break.  You should get both…buy another from the list and an additional one will be free!  Just sayin'

DSP special

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