With the extremely warm weather we've been having here, one would think we are in the middle of July instead of the end of September.  Even pulled out my Thailand elephant pants which are the coolest piece of clothing I own…there's a reason they wear them in Thailand…of course, I kinda look like an elephant in them but that's another story entirely.  So my mind is telling me 4th of July and not Painted Harvest, plaid blankets and Pumpkin Spice Lattes but I'm sure the time will come for those too.  In fact, this video is for the September Club and I keep saying "August".  Seriously mixed up or have lost large gaps of time.  Not sure which is worse.

And speaking of Painted Harvest….this is one of those "flower" sets that you really should have.  It's so stinkin' adorable and versatile.  I've used it here on our Hostess Club project as an Echinacea or Purple Coneflower.  Sweet Sugarplum is a great color to use.  I'd prove it with a photo of the coneflowers outside the studio window but that flower bed was seriously neglected this summer as part of the remodel/re-landscaping effort and the more "natural" flowers are hiding them at the moment.  Next year will be better…

Sept Hostess - Painted Harvest


Don't forget this stamp set and punch can be "bundled" for a 10% discount. Love this leaf punch…and the shimmer ribbon is gorgeous…just sayin'

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