Fell off the blogging bandwagon this past month….or was it actually two!  Eeeps.  Summer has been delightfully crazy around here.  Garden is growing weeds well, Greta had puppies, Denver graduated, spent time in Thailand and in Door County camping and worked very little on the project due to the aforementioned list…and here we are drawing closer to fall and the start of school….and it's been awesome…but I'm tired!  :)In the proverbial juggling act that is life, I feel like I've been dropping balls all over the place…so I do apologize if I haven't been on my A-Game of late. 

I've actually scheduled an appt with my endocrinologist.  I have been chalking my "issues" up to being too busy and too tired but apparently my thyroids are back out of whack and so hopefully that should help here once that's all ironed out.  But in the meantime, I'm plodding along on my to do list…one of the things is to catch up on Hostess Club videos.  Here's my favorite from July's Club. 

July HC 2


Everyone should have at least one pack of this awesome paper and probably should order the framelits too.  Cuz you will love the Hostess Club project for August too…just sayin'


Product List


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