Why yes, progress is being made on the long to-do list but as many things go…I kinda feel like I'm living the Whack-a-Mole Game dream.   You know, that carnival game where you just keeping hitting things that pop out of holes…Soon as I knock one thing off the list..a mess pops up somewhere else..Suppose that's the way of children, garden weeds, pets and the likes.   Whack-a-Mole in true color.  This is a snap shot of my counter…"someone" was working on a project yesterday while I was working on To-Go Kits for the layouts.  So now, that someone will have to be gently and lovingly reminded to clean up the mess…she's finally get around to doing it but in the meantime, the "mole" has popped its ugly little face up somewhere else….but I guess that would have to be called laundry.  bahaha…oh wait…actually it's probably stuff she shoved off the desk she cleaned as she needed to "display" her creation.  I've got kind of a love-hate relationship with Pinterest and You-tube recently.  These DIY projects for kids?  Really?  Apparently the live-in help must follow these people around and clean up after those little demonic you-tubers cuz this mom is completely over DIY…except when it's my mess of course.


It's my life and really I love it.  But I also was really thankful for the time I was given recently to "just breathe".  Adria, my aunt Marcia, Ella and I had a wonderful time on our Stampin' Up! trip to Thailand recently.  Seven massages in 14 days does wonders for the old gal and I've got the perfect photos for this layout page from May.  It was inspired by an awesome card my friend, Lyssa Zwolonek did back some time ago.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it…

May Layout 4

This one among many, for instance.  Taken the last day in Thailand while we waiting for check out and our flight home.  It was couple of weeks…


Product List

Falling In Love Cardstock Pack

Falling In Love Cardstock Pack