Class today…lots of fun stampers and of course, stinkin’ cute cards.  This morning Ms. Barb and I joked that it wasn’t the usual Coffee and Cards but more like, Chaos and Cards.  I was dragging a little from the expo and a weekend of soccer which equates to “not really ready”  and about 1 hour before class it hit me that we had already MADE one of the cards LAST month at class…talk about a pit in your stomach!  I quickly grabbed a swap card, changed it up and cut cardstock speedy quick…which made for chaos.  Two of my favorite stampers usually arrive about 45 minutes early and today, I was barely out of my jammies and was rushing around throwing stamps in a bucket.  Chaos indeed…and all for naught.  When I showed the stampers the card in questions…they all said, “nope…havent’ done that card.”  Apparently, we had made it at our GROUP meeting and not in class.  I need more coffee…or a brain…Either would be nice. 

So all’s quiet now…and I need to share a layout with you from my list of things to post.  Here’s a layout that we did back in Feb at my Layouts Class.  It’s a cute one for sure.  Layout class is on Thursday this week.  Hope you can come.

Cool Treats

Product List

Enjoy…remember…Layouts Class – Thursday, April 27th. I occasionally have extra packets available after class if you aren’t able to attend in person! Contact me..