One of my dear sweet customers mentioned in passing that I haven't blogged since Feb 16th…gulp!  That's over a month ago!  Holy Smokes, Batman.  Can I use the excuse that I've been busy?   We've been working on that dumb remodel project forever and if I EVER mention any other DIY things that I'm thinking about…please please stop me.  Whatever it takes..seriously.  This was the dumbest hare-brained idea I've ever had.  I will say we are probably 75% finished and we are working on Day 54 without a functioning kitchen…so that's the reason I've not been blogging, not to mention even stamping!

Ok, I did set up a temporary kitchen here in the studio but it's pretty spartan.  Tried to upgrade a little and dug out the Panini Press the other day.  My poor stampers last night.  Probably drove them crazy with hunger as I not only was teaching class but whipping up a couple of Paninis for my starving soccer players.  It's a goat rodeo on any given day but it did smell divine.  I've held classes thru out theprocess and I am anxious for the simple pleasure of organizing and cleaning.  Never thought I'd see the day where i could say that.

And speaking of classes.  This was a layout that we did back in February.  Loved the simplicity of the layout.  Next Layout Class to be held on March 23rd.  Join us!


Layouts Feb 2017

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