Checking in to ask if you've missed me?  Isn't there a old maxim that says…"absence makes the heart grow fonder?"   I'm hoping that since I've been awol for quite a while you will totally love that I'm trying to get back into the swing of things? I'm going to blame this remodel project and the fact that while I'd like to think I'm Superwoman…it's a nice delusion and I'll go with that.

Seriously though, our remodel is coming along nicely.  It is time consuming and I spend a couple of hours everyday organizing and doing my "general contractor" job.  I've have  I've got drywallers working today so it's getting to the fun stage. It's starting to look like a house again.  Hopefully, shortly…like a home again.  I've been making choices left and right and my brain hurts with so many of them.  Things you normally don't think you want an outlet here or here?  Should all the can lights come on with this switch or just some.  What do you want your hearth to be made of?  Let's just shoot for "comfortable" and "homey", can we do that?   I had #3 home from school all last week with wicked fevers and last night she had a major meltdown…"she didn't know what to expect from a Valentine's party"…looking back..She usually is sick this week and  actually has never attended a class Valentines party.  Isn't that weird?  Have I scarred her somehow?  I told her to just think "Classroom Christmas Party…but with red & white hearts in lieu of red and white candycanes." 

This was her class Valentine and it did turn out Stinkin Cute! 


We used the Tasty Trucks and made "tacos" and used Easter grass for lettuce.  It was too cute.

Here's a quick shot of a card that we did back at our Stamp Camp in January.  It, too, was Stinkin' Cute.

Sealed with Lovesorry about the less than fabulous photo.  I mailed out all my copies earlier this week thinking I had a better photo.  ooops.

Here's the supply list. 

Product List


Mark your calendars for June 17th for the Next Camp Stamp-in-Oga!  It's going to be fabulous.