New catalog is live, guys have been working on my remodel project this morning, in spite of close to zero degree weather, most of the overnight project emergencies and and upcoming construction trade timelines have been worked out and all the cards are designed for Winter 2017 Camp Stamp-in-Oga.  It's been a great day! 

Often, of late, it seems like I'm accomplishing less and less…i think I'm going to start writing all the project emergencies, phone calls and decisions that I'm making around here just so I've got something to check off my list!  Sooo..checking this off the list…you are being reminded that you HAVE to register for Camp Stamp-in-Oga Winter 2017.  Camp is on Saturday, Jan 21st..Hurry!  Quick, before the dealine.   Registration ends 1/12/2017…

Camp Stamp In Oga

Register for camp Here!