I usually take the bulk of December off to get things organized and to re-group.  This year was to be no exception, except, this year, I'm not getting anything done!

Today, is really the start of the first "free" week and I've spent the bulk of the day watching my 10 year in the making, dream come into fruition.  It's so very exciting to watch a few walls go up.  But, I do think that if I can't get my A-Game back on, it's going to be a very unproductive 5 months.  (we are hoping to be done with the project by May.  – Wishful thinking?)  So, this happened today…

Dec 12

I've forced myself to sit at my computer and type up the class schedule for 2017 (Jan-May) as I've got to get my customer Christmas cards and new catalogs in the mail in the next few days and I hope to have the calendar in the packet!  Here's a link to my printable pdf if you need a copy to start planning YOUR new year!  I hope to see you a lot.  I'll need the distractions.