Got a few Thank You cards to get in the mail this week for online orders and a few personal ones as well.  This card would be great as a Thank You or a Masculine Birthday for most people…my only qualm with this card is that I've seen and loved Disney's Bambi but am married to a deer hunter…the struggle is real.  So I would hesitate  to give this card to my husband for his birthday as he would probably just see it as an "opportunity" and I would spend my time thinking…the poor little orphan baby.  And then my Nature Channel, logical mind spent the entire time I was working with this set, thinking and worrying…"Good grief, if the fawn is this little that he still has spots in November, he's not going to survive the winter!  He's going to be a coyote-lunch." 

Again, the struggle is real.  I think I prefer this set in the spring, when there is a fighting chance for survival and the deer hunters aren't quite so consumed with their passion.  I'm a little weird anyway but hey, my stampers LOVED this card and the layout.  It's been such a crazy week/month, I cannot even remember what class we stamped it at.  So sorry you missed it?  I have 1-2 more classes for the year and then I'm taking all of December off to remodel in earnest.  It's going to be ugly!  But I'll be ready to meet the new year head on!

In The Meadow

Notice the fun little embellishment to the right of the deer?  It's from the Cheerful Tags Framelit Dies. 


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Kind of a fun little way to use something totally unrelated. Thought it gave the card a little class and thus taking it right out of my husbands birthday card options anyway.  He's as redneck as they come and wouldn't appreciate the touch of class….sigh.  :)  Can't say I wasn't warned.  :)  Get your "Cheerful Tags" Set and your "In The Meadow" Set here. I also use the Work of Art set for the Swoosh…all for today.  Have to run out and look at lights for the new area.

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