And you all well aware of my classroom mantra…if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times..”No Politics in my Happy Place”.  I would sort of classify myself as a-political.  Sort of like Switzerland…a neutral zone.  I can see aspects of both parties that are right and wrong and I am extremely uncomfortable with the division politics causes and I don’t think it’s appropriate for my studio where we are all supposed to just get along and have a little stamp therapy. 

I’m throwing that disclaimer out there lest you feel I’m identifying with a certain party, because I’m NOT…but one of my son’s friends had a hilarious Instagram post the other day after the election, and  I think it’s hilariously appropriate, regardless of political affiliation.   “If Trump can make America great, can he also make the Packer’s great again?” 

I almost hesitated to share my Packer pages because we are well on our way to becoming the Bears.  Just kidding…that’s not very nice.   (I do live it Wisconsin so there is a little rivalry there.)  I usually just go to the Superbowl Party for the food and the commercials, not necessarily the football.  But any year that we can root for the Green and Gold is a great year…just pretty sure it’s NOT THIS year. 

So here’s my “Make Packer’s Great Again’ pages..for those Lambeau tail-gate/Superbowl Party photos you’ve got in your boxes.  Of course, if you ARE a Bears Fan, this is done with the Warmth & Cheer Designer Paper so you could certainly revert to a “winter” page…and not the Frozen Tundra kind.

I used the Stamp Set “Touchdown” from years ago…thought it turned out pretty cute.

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