Thought I'd pop in with a few photos.  I've been a little awol from the blogging and newsletter scene of late but I think you will understand why.  Besides hosting my normal class and camp schedules, we've tackled a little home remodeling project.  When we decided to buy our house 10 years ago, it was absolutely our dream house in so many ways…all except for two things.  1.  No mud room…nary a spot to hang a single coat and when you have 5 acres with chickens, bees, active kids and dogs, it's one of those things you dream about.  2.  A Lovely Kitchen.  My current kitchen is workable and as it is, completely fine with the limited space.  I have about 7 feet of counter space in a galley kitchen and I have to give kudos to whomever designed it when it was remodeled years ago.  It is completely workable and actually every counter and spare inch is optimized in the tiny little space.  It's truly workable…but I miss having a breakfast bar and as Ella is growing up, I miss that after school snack counter time with her.  The other thing is that she is slightly ADHD :)  (wonder where she gets that from?!?) so I constantly need to be monitoring the homework so working in the kitchen while she is in the dining room makes my job a little more difficult.  This is a 10 year process, of constantly lobbying and planting the seeds kind of effort.  Someone is finely getting on board with the project.  🙂    We are hoping to have a new addition by April.  It's starting with some of my beloved trees coming down and my wonderful deck being taken off so we can add a basement and kitchen area.  I have to keep reminding myself that it's going to be lovely and to keep my eyes on the end product.

Denver Remodel 1 Remodel 3So that's the fun this past week.  We had natural gas brought to the house and a new furnace installed as our oil tank sits under the deck and we have no place to go with it. 

So THIS week we hope to have a new well put in cuz yes, that's under the deck as well.  Groan…and we will then dig the basement and pour it.  Then we wait…our rough carpenters are backed up on their current job so I'll keep you posted.  I've got lots to do in the mean time.