Because every needs a little Hedge Hog love…I found an adorable hedgehog card on Pinterest by Judy Strickland, using the Thoughtful Leaves Bundle and I thought it was stinkin' cute.  We have a fascination with hedgehogs as it's one of Ella's little routines.  Every night she needs a "hedgehog" kiss….and even at 9 she's still trying to figure out exactly a Hedgehog kiss is done..basically it's just a goodnight kiss but jutting out your chin a little and move it up and down.  Dumb?  yeah…but it's become a tradition and she loves it.  So yes, we are big fans of hedgehogs.  In fact here's one of those Mother's Day gifts that come home from school.  I think this was kindergarten or 1st grade.  She was so little!

HedgehogAnd since we love hedgehogs and really, who doesn't?  We are going to do this adorable cards for my August Coffee Cards and Biscotti class.  Stinkin' cute and thanks for the inspiration Judy.  The card is a fun-fold with a card in a card.  It's stinkin cute! 

Thoughtful Branches 2

The Thoughtful Branches bundle is only available thru August 31st or while supplies last so I would hurry and get yours today!  I used the Perfect White Accents, colored with a Sharpie to get my glassy nose and eyes.  Sign up for class on Aug 22nd & 23rd too!   



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