We are back from our Summer Camp Stamp-in-Oga and am starting to unpack all my fun Camping supplies and cards.  We had a WONDERFUL time and I can honestly, say it was the best one yet!  Love that the camps just keep getting better and better!  We are already taking reservations for our NEXT camp on Oct 15th.

And remember…It's not really a "Wilderness Experience" at camp…we camp like you are supposed to…with an entire room full of friends, tables worth of scrapbooking and stamping supplies, lots of treats and food.  We even served Italian sodas at camp this time.  Woot! Woot!   We hope you can attend!  Either for the am card session or for the entire day.  Reserve your seat here…

And speaking of Wilderness Awaiting…I have a real quick little video for you.  This video is done using the Wilderness Awaits stamp set.  That set is one of my favorites and we recently used it for Hostess Club.  I needed to whip up a demonstration video as we have expanded the Hostess club option for those customers that cannot participate locally.  hence, since they can't attend and listen to yours truly, I am demonstrating the cards for those club members and obviously, now everyone can be a Hostess Club member!   Contact me for more information about the benefits of joining Hostess Club.

Wilderness Awaits

Enjoy the video, regardless of whether you are a member of club or not.