Happy First Day of Summer…my flowers are blooming beatifully and sadly the weeds are too.  It's a constant struggle to keep the flowers in the majority, but it is my Happy Place and it's great therapy to spend a little time digging in the dirt. 

I am going to share a couple of quick layouts from APRIL'S layout class.  I have layout class this week and I've been trying to make sure the kit from the previous month is completed, ready and off the counter…otherwise like the weeds, those little buckets have a tendency to over take the joint.  This was one of my all time favorite layouts from class.  Of course, anything purple is my favorite so what's not to love.  I used the free set included in the March My Paper Pumpkin Kit.  It's lovely..  Layout kits are available for many of the past classes.  Contact me to purchase…


April 16_edited-1 April 16


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