Didn't manage to carve out ANY time for stamping today but it was fairly productive in that I did a little house hunting for Adria,   (We need a place for her to rent/purchase next year in Whitewater lest she come live with us again.  :)  She's welcome anytime but I'm thinking we are not a whole lot of fun college material to hang with?) and the other big think checked off the list is that I actually typed up my class schedule….wait for it…through December!  Of course, it is tentative but I think I tried to work around soccer games, group meetings and my hospital work schedule.  I want to sleep on it and proof it in the morning before I share with the masses.  And I did a little weeding in the aspargus patch tonight.  Anyone have any great ideas for mulching aspargus?  I get week thinking about the sheer number of thistles in that part of the garden…and to think I am going to be gone for two whole weeks..I'm weak in the knees.

I managed to work up the second April Project Sheets this past week and here's a sneak peek at the cards.  All you need to do is simply purchase this stamp set from me and I will send you a pdf sharing these great additional cards using this set.  Love it!  Announcing…Sprinkles of Life Project Sheets…

Sprinkles Header

 That's all for tonight.  I drank WAY too much ice tea at last nights Birthday Party Celebration.  Ella's soccer game was canceled yesterday and so we threw together a last minute celebration for Denver's 17th Birthday. (center back)


Whipped up a couple of pans of lasagna, invited some of our nearest and dearest friends and called it a night.  I love these kids…and I've decided that I'm WAY to old to keep "teenage hours."  I'm shot…I must need a vacation.