There are some weeks that are a little more productive than others and sadly, this week will have to be chalked up to one of the LEAST productive in a very long time.  Started out with one dog needing to go to the vet for an infected toe…of course their routine physicals and shots were scheduled for later in the week and had planned on taking both at once but it will mean a return for #! as I didn’t want to stress out her immune system if she was fighting an infection and receiving her shots.  Then, about 1 hour before school was letting out on Monday, Child #3 needed to be talked into staying at school.   She can be a bit of a drama queen if you haven’t already heard so sometimes I’m a little hesitant to buy the story she’s trying to sell.  She was nigh unto death, her throat was just killing her and she was surely running a fever….but of course, Tuesday, she was home sick with a sore throat.  She has been running a fever off and on Tuesday, so I let her stay home. 

Fever was back to normal on Wednesday, so I let her sleep in and sent her to school late.  But of course, she needed to be picked up early as again she was nigh unto death.. and so while I was bringing Dog #2 for shots, I suggested to her father that he could bring her into the clinic to get checked out….Yeah, didn’t happen.  So Thursday, she stayed home AGAIN..this time with red eyes and a sore throat… again and I so I just brought her to the clinic.  Strep screen was negative so was sent home with eye drops (it’s not pink eye either..probably just a virus?) and of course, my routine mammogram was scheduled for Thursday too.  So it was back to the clinic we go…

She made a miraculous recovery here for Friday, as there was a field trip scheduled for today but somehow the will to press on faded the minute they returned to school.  Her teacher called and #3 was just a hot mess…It’s back on the couch with some more ibuprofen and cold yeah…between needy kids, needy husband, needy dogs and needy kittens..some how…I got NOTHING accomplished…but I am so very thankful that both my jobs are flexible in that i can take care of the hot mess that it my life this week.  I think I NEED…a vacation!

By this evening, I also needed a little therapy time myself so I ran out to the studio and whipped up a quick little card for Hostess Club next week.  I LOVE THIS card.  I wanted to showcase some of the retiring products and papers.  I received a swap card from my Upline Connie way back in November and it’s been hanging on my wall.  I just loved the layout and the colors of this card so I cased it, changing the stamp set and sayings…I think it’s adorable.

I will give my Hostess Club each one more chance this month to purchase and Hostess Only sets as a special little thank you for being a part of my Hostess Club.  I feel a little bad as this in an ADORABLE set and it’s only available for another 32 days.  You really will want this cute little set.  Don’t forget we have Hostess Clubs starting this month and if you would like to get in on all the fun, it’s a great way to meet people and be inspired with fabulous stamping opportunities.  Contact me today for more information.

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