I've done every stall tactic in my book to avoid the inevitable, but now I have to man-up and head over to the Brownie Sleep Over Camp.  I had Hostess Club last night so I did get a pass on two nights of insanity and will only have to endure one.  So I best quite my complaining, count my blessings for gracious Scout leaders and go and do my duty.  I'm really not sure how I get talked into these things..probably because I know my child is one of the more difficult ones to manage and need to do a little damage control, lest we be evicted from the troop.  

But just so I can stall a few more seconds, how about a lovely little card for my Coffee Cards and Biscotti class at the end of the month.  This was a quick, easy one and has an adorable message.  Why don't you come to class.  It's going to be oh, so much fun!  I promise.  After the really strange wintery weather we've had this spring…I'm loving the sunshine, albeit frosty sunshine, but nevertheless it's lovely.  Mark your calendars for April 25th & 26th.  Probably should go take a shower…throw in a load of laundry…just kidding.  Heading out for a really really fun time.  If I say it enough, maybe I will begin to believe it.  Seriously, it will be fun…just not very relaxing.

Hello Sunshine

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