Yikes..not only am I sublime but I'm about to be blown into the neighboring state.  I do think this is a first for us…Denver's soccer practice was canceled on account of the wind.  All righty then!  We put a new roof on our 100+ year old barn a couple years back but several beams and the barn sides itself, still need some attention.  It looks a little ramshackle so when I ran out to feed the chickens this morning, I certainly made sure I didn't linger over the feed trough.  I was a little fearful for my safety.  And speaking of fearful…the windy is whipping so crazy through the pine trees that our dogs are shivering under my desk in fright.  We are just one hot mess over here.

So I was really glad that I was able to spend a little quality time at my design table today.  I needed the de-stress therapy that crafting provides. I have my layouts class tomorrow night and so I worked on my pages for class.  This is one of my favorites using the 2015-2017 In Colors Watermelon Wonder and Tip Top Taupe.  Isn't it just adorable?  Perhaps you would wish to join us for class?  It's tomorrow night provided we are still here and not in Iowa.   The studio is built rock-solid and for once I'm glad that we didn't pick the barn as my crafting area.  Barn would have provided a lot more crafting space but far more drafty too…and apt to be blown away!

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