The pedals certainly need to be oiled today.  It seems that I'm pedaling backwards or at least with a flat tire?  I can't seem to find my get up and go.  I think it up and left with the snow.   Do you ever have those kind of days?  As a Facebook friend recently posted that she was having a melancholy kind of day, I might have a touch of that as well?  I think I see the gorgeous weather and think.."man, I didn't accomplish ANYTHING on that Winter To-do List and now it's not going to even be looked at for another 10 months?"

Add that to the fact that we've been considering a fairly extensive remodel and I'm a little apprehensive about tackling such a huge undertaking.  Ruby Slippers anyone, where I can simply click my heels and it's finished?  Wouldn't that be AWESOME!  And should you have a spare pair of Ruby Slippers, could ya lend me your Fairy Godmother for a bit?  I have a touch of cleaning and organizing that could be done in the office as well.  Since both are fairly difficult to find, I'll use my usual answer to all of life's persistent problems…simple avoidance…you know..avoiding them by stamping in my Happy Place.

This is one of the cards that we will be doing at my Bingo Night tomorrow night.  Isn't it stinkin' cute?  We are using this ADORABLE new Sale-a-bration set, called Pedal Pushers.  I do have a few spots available in my Bingo night tomorrow night.  The weather shouldn't be an issue and it's too early for soccer, so come out and play a few games of Bingo and see if you can win one of the six bundles…how can so much fun be serious?  By being Seriously Fun!

Regardless of whether you can attend or no..this set can be yours for free with a qualifying order.  Place your $50 order online on my website and use the item code #141312 to get this set for free!  It's so adorable you can hardly stamp, I mean stand, it!

Pedal Pusher