I'm fairly certain that I've stated this before…but I find it hilarious when reading online reviews of recipes, that someone will mark the recipe as only "three stars" after they have stated that they have changed this…and that and added a little more of something else.  It's hilarious…you are no longer reviewing the original recipe but something different entirely.  I think there should be a disclaimer button that needs to be clicked when you start messing with ingredients and then will handicap your review to reflect the changes…as for stamping…that's exactly what happened today.  I CASE'd a card off of our lastest Stampin' Success (a quarterly demonstrator magazine that we demos get) and of course as any good stamper/cook does, proceeded to add and take away ingredients as desired.  And I'm sad to say the original card was WAY cuter!  Here's my 3 star variation…it's just Blah….


It just wasn't singing to me…

But I never let a cooking flop get me down.  I went ahead and proceeded to make and entirely different dish..ahem, I mean, card and I like it better than the original.  I'm actually debating about keeping it for one of my upcoming classes.  What do you think?  Is it class worthy?


That's all for today.  I have an riding lesson scheduled for 5pm and I need to "round-up" my gear.  :)  Wish me luck as I'm fairly certain I will be too sore to move.  Hugs…that's all for today.