Well since there is nary a flake here in Waukesha of the Big Predicted Groundhog's Day Storm 2.0 and our school wasn't called on account of the snow, I suppose I won't be making snowmen or shoveling either for that matter.  I was actually secretly hoping for a big 'ol whopper of a storm.  Alas…it's back to waiting for daffodils and I can work in the studio, unhindered.  We did hit the library and the grocery store last night JUST in case the significantly over-hyped, seriously downgraded storm actually showed up.  I made sure I had books on tape, books for Ella,  a few movies, milk and toilet paper…that's it…that's really all the essentials..enough to get us through the week..should we have been snowed in.  But Nary a Flake…nothing, not even only lonely little white whisper of hope..not even rain.  So it's back to normal and I'm going to share another quick card from Camp this past weekend.  This card was coordinated by Jennifer and Sarah Labecki.  These two sisters are a joy to work with and have an absolute fabulous stamping style.  Their coordinating display board is always out of this world!

Rose Wonder Thinlet

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