Yikes.  I just got back in from chasing the dogs.  They had gotten hold of a bag of garbage I had thrown out on the porch while I nuked my coffee and used the ladies room.  Seeing the missing bag,  I dashed out without a coat and in slippers screaming my fool head off..now my fingers are FROZEN…and as such, I just about forgot to type an "o" in the title above.  Some days are just like that!  It may have been that "hello-sans o" has frozen over out there today?

I'm trying to get a few things wrapped up this morning as Denver, Ella and I are headed for sunnier, warmer climes today.  Denver has a soccer tournament in Las Vegas and I checked the forecast and it's supposed to be significantly warmer than here.  This tournament was actually Rob's turn to attend but he's been pretty busy with work so I "needed to take one for the team".  It WAS a sacrifice…hehehe…I did feel bad for him and agree to take Ella with us.  She's been bouncing off walls for the last few days.  Poor Denver, he is so gracious about her "boundless energy".  We had to have a little talk about being "chill" this morning and not embarrassing him overly much.  I don't want to put out her enthusiasm but direct it better and it's a fine line to walk.  I'm sure therapy for her will be involved at some point.  "Yes, Dr..can you believe my mom did this?  and that?  and said this…"  Parenting is not for wimps!  I'll keep you posted on the games and the fun we are having over on my Stinkin Cute (Stampin' Up! ) Facebook page

Here's a quick card that I whipped up yesterday, while I myself, was trying to quiet my racing mind.  I find stamping/crafting is good for all that chatter in my head.  (perhaps Ella isn't the ONLY one needing therapy?)  This uses the "Hello" stamp set that is retiring in a few short days!  Isn't this just the cutest?  You need to place your order by Feb 15th to get this adorable stamp set!  It's pretty fun!

Here's what we are going to do…since I am going to be gone through Feb 16th…remember it's for the team!  :)  Let's have even MORE fun.  I'm thinking Las Vegas and a day and a half in St. George wouldn't be enough fun..remember it's for the team!  I'll set up a Hostess Code.  Use this code to place your Order through Feb 15th and I will do a Mystery Hostess drawing when I get back.  I know..Too much FUN!  Here's the Hostess Code…log in to my website and click shop now, near the end it will ask if you have a Hostess Code.  Use this number to be entered in the drawing….  FEF9TGZH


I thought it was kinda cute.  Sort of reminded me of a handsome fella in a tuxedo and I will have to say the few times I've seen my guy in a tuxedo, he's been adorable. He's also had a flower pinned to his lapel…and these few times were all around 25 years ago.   Perhaps the time will come again, when he'll be in an another tux, as we do have three children and hopefully at least one will find a special friend to spend their lives with.  :)  but for now…he's more of the camouflage and jeans kind of guy. 

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