Somehow the proverbial wheels fell off the productivity bus today.  Not exactly sure how it derailed so quickly this morning but I didn't get much accomplished accept balancing our personal checkbook….serious lack of focus today….and when I really needed ninja like focus skills today.  I'm going to give you the LAST of the Christmas cards because I PROMISED you that I would and I want to keep my word.  Here's the last four. 

IMG_2882[1]This little cutie is a file folder card and was made by my friend and downline in our group…Theresa B.

IMG_2884[1]This adorable clean and simple card was made by my friend Jen S.  It's almost as cute as the photo on the inside of of her and her boys.  Adorable!

IMG_2886[1]This card was also made by a friend and downline Phyllis N.  It's even 20x prettier in person.  Absolutely stunning..

And lastly an adorably sparkly one by my friend Pat K….it's perfect for this cold brisk weather we are having.  And yes, Pat…You ARE my friend.  Inside joke…  🙂

IMG_2888[1]So there you have it…back to regularly scheduled broadcasting tomorrow!  And hopefully finding my productivity mojo…it's a good thing I have Christmas cards to fall back on!  :)  They warmed my heart then and now!