Ella and I spent a lazy day in the studio today.  I did some stamping and she did some skating…yes, that's right…Skating.  Since the weather isn't the greatest for sledding today and since she got skates at St. Vincent de Paul's the other day…she's been skating….in my studio.    I think I'm ready for her to go to bed now but for the most part we survived the first winter weather of the year.   Tomorrow will be another whole new day…I need some tea now…some special relaxing tea, I'm sure…

I'm going to just give you a few quick shots of some of the gorgeous cards that brighten my days that last few weeks.

IMG_2848[1]This lovely card using Lovely As a Tree was done by my friend, Deb C…love it.


This gorgeous card was done by another friend Melynn.  She used Among the Branches and I love the glitz…lots of it!

IMG_2851[1]This is another lovely collage done by Pat K.  It's lovely as well. 

IMG_2852[1]And lastly for today…a lovely card done by Susan F…They are so fun to get in the mail!  That's all for today…I have to run in an play a game of Yahtzee and then hopeful can fall into a deep deep sleep so I can rise and do it all over again for the next 7 days.  Christmas vacation is a love hate relationship!