I was just thinking this morning while I was laying in bed, hitting the snooze button for the 8th time…was that I have absolutely NO will power. No will power to force myself to get up, no will power to make myself exercise, no will power to say no to chocolate and other yummy fattening foods and absolutely no will power when it comes to the new Occasions catalog. Couple that with a very logical, rational sounding, persuasive inner voice and you can be sure that I just ordered almost one of everything in that catalog.
Here's what the voice said…
1. Ship it 2 day Express. you need the Occasions catalogs here on hand cause you have a few customers that are waiting for them yet, Donna asked for a couple of packs AND if the stamps are here earlier, you will have time to get some upcoming class samples up before your customer appreciation night next week on Dec 15th. Holidays gets busy so get them done now.
2. You need all the birthday stuff cause you have the Downline Bingo night on Dec 29th and the Customer Bingo night on Jan 14th and you need to figure out your Make and Takes and you need to start working on bundling the products for the Bingo prizes AND you have a Bday Party class in Feb and should have samples worked up soon for that so your customers can see them and want to come to class.
3. You need the Roses…cuz it's just really really awesome and everybody's going to want that one.
4. We are having the Downline Cattie Case night in January and you are going to need the balloons…you might as well get them now. Besides you have classes coming up on January.  They are just too cute NOT to have.
5. The Number's set…well duh…Scrapbook Layouts class is in January and we will definitely NEEED it…And remember the Downline Cattie Case night too.
6.The Baby Bears…of course…you are going to use it for a Make and Take for the Customer Bingo night…can't you just see that heart in pink glimmer paper?
7. Coffee & Tea set…My Grandmas is turning 90 and I want to have it on hand if we decide to make 9-Tea birthday party invites and besides you are a Coffee junkie…
8. Mothers Day Love set – Hello….Jan 14th – Customer Bingo night. It's a Valentines theme of course you need it.
9.  And don't forget you are hosting a Catalog Kickoff on Jan 2nd and you HAVE To get a few products for people to see and touch!
10. You really don't need the humming bird set or the Beachy surfing set. You got a few months and you don't want people to think you have a problem.
11.  Budget?…what budget?  Ramen noodles are cheap and besides Rob got a deer last week and they are really more meat and potatoes kind of people anyway…take the grocery $$ and reroute to the stamping fund.
That's what I fight with every single day.  Is it any wonder that I just throw up my hands? 
On the plus side…want to come and hang out on Dec 15th? 
We are having Customer Appreciation Soup Night –
I'll have the Occasions Catalogs here and you can check them out early….sigh….