My Little went as a Jelly Fish this year and amazingly she won the "Most Creative Costume" at school this year.  In theory it would have been a PERFECT costume for the rainy Trick-or-Treating night we had BUT…i chose to used Glue-Dots to hang crepe paper as the tentacles streaming from the umbrella.  In the dry school…perfect.  Wet damp night juggling a candy pail and doorbells…not so much.  We had to ditch the umbrella mid-session and go as the Abominable Snowman.  In hindsight, I would buy a white plastic table cloth from the dollar store and cut it up into strips.  Perfect for wet drippy nights.

The video of her in the costume is on my Facebook Page...I can't figure out how to get it to post. Check it out in FB

So now I need to add photos from Trick or Treating, Class room party and pumpkin carving to my adorable page.  This was a layout we did at my October Layouts class.

Oct Layouts


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