By now, you may or may not developed your Halloween Photos but I will be willing to bet you’ve devoured a good amount of the Halloween candy?  I know I have.  I saw a cute saying the other day…something to the effect of “I don’t need a personal trainer, I just need someone to follow me around a slap unhealthy food choices out of my hands”.  So true, in regards, to Halloween Candy. 

We instituted the Snicker’s Bar tax when the Bigs were little.  Jokingly I tried to tell them that it was similar to income tax.  Somehow they didn’t see the humor or the educational input in the lesson.  Fast forward 10 years and we have the Little…she has a peanut allergy and it’s no longer a tax issue but “here Mom, here’s the Snicker’s Bars, the Reece’s Pieces, the Butterfingers, the Baby Ruth etc etc.”  See the problem here?..compound that with a slowing metabolism of a “geriatric mother”.  (Yes, they called it a geriatric pregnancy…SERIOUSLY!) and we have a recipe for exponential weight gain.  So yes, I need someone to slap my hand or maybe just purchase a muzzle..and just think…we are heading into the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays here shortly and it’s only going to get more and more tempting..

But anyway…how about another cute scrapbook layout for you?  This was a quick layout done at my October Layouts class.  I’d much rather talk scrapbooking in lieu of dieting and weight gain. 

Happy Halloween


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Hope you can make it to the next layouts class. November class will be held on Dec 3rd..yeah I know. I have to head to Raleigh NC tomorrow for a soccer tournament and so needed to push back the date. Hope to see you then!