I've had my August Even Stinkin' Cuter Paper Pumpkin variations done for quite some time and just haven't had a chance to sit down, measure them up and put in a document for my Stinkin' Cute Paper Pumpkin subscribers.  (Yes, I know, if I would just STAY home and work in lieu of all this fun travel and soccer games that we've been attending, I might have that completed by now.) 

The Even Stinkin' Cuter Pumpkin Variations is a gift that I send to each of my paper pumpkin subscribers each month with additional ideas to use their kits in an entirely new way.  I loved the August kit with pink, gold and black color combinations.  What's NOT to love…so think about becoming a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber.  You get instant gratification with the Paper Pumpkin kit and then a short time later…a pdf with a bunch of additional ideas for your stamps and ink.

My September kit is all stamped and ready for the chocolate to be added.  I'm making these for our Camp attendees AND I'll give them out to neighbors, soccer teammates and various other chocolate loving individuals.  I seriously need to order extra of these because they are going to be so much fun to deliver and make a bunch of people seriously happy.