Overall, it was a great week in the Happy Place this week.  I had my Coffee, Cards and Biscotti Class early in the week on Monday and Tuesday, we spent some time in the garden harvesting a few squash and pumpkins and then I had Hostess Club Thursday and Friday.

We have 5 acres here at the house and a fair amount is tilled into garden space.  Over the years it's evolved into basically a community garden.  Three of my friends come and work the garden with me and we divide the work and the produce and all are happy.  This is a portion of our fall gathering this week.  Lots of pumpkins and squash are still ripening in the field.


Today there are a few soccer games on the schedule, the University Lake School Barn Sale and then I need to come home and clean, inside and out.  Denver has team dinner here on Monday night and we need to shape the place up a little (a lot) so we aren't looking like something out of Green Acres.  (As I just opened the door to yell at the dog for carting off one of the squash in the above photo..fighting a losing battle)  We have had a little "dishwasher dilemma" recently and I have not one, but TWO dishwashers on the back porch to haul to the road.  So I'm not exaggerating, in the least, when I say that we could be cast in a hill-billy TV show.

This was one of the cards from my Hostess Club.  It started off as a swap that I received from Founder's Circle from Jodi Reinert and I changed the stamp set, the coloring technique and added a few elements, omitted some and voila, a new card. 

Apparently adult coloring books are all the rage right now. Hello!!!  We've been adult coloring in the form of rubber stamps for years!  And it's WAY cooler.  I'll bet they don't rip the page out of the book and post it on the fridge?  Well, I can send my "adult colored" image in the mail, and make someones day and then THEY will hang it on the fridge or up on the mantle.  See, now it's not just coloring for stress therapy, it serves a dual purpose.  Who wouldn't want to stamp with me?  So before you buy an expensive coloring book, simply come to a class and we can color for all kinds of therapy.  The ladies and gents that come to class, tell me that my studio is their Happy Place too and they CAN'T wait to come…

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And if you are still stuck on purchasing a coloring book, try this Lighthearted Leaves set and see if you don't love it too!