Jumping in today with a cute but simple little card that we did this past week at my Festive Fall class.  It's been a busy week here in the studio.  We had our fall session of Camp Stamp-in-Oga and I think it was a raging success.  I'm hoping to post a few of the cards that we did on the camp website and our Facebook Page.   Watch for them. 

Like I said, it's been busy.  We've had a bunch of soccer games and our Mukwonago Boy Soccer tied for 1st place in Conference.  That's a pretty awesome accomplishment for these young men.  They are a nice bunch of boys. Denver's in the back row, fourth from the right.

Conference Champs

I've had several classes this week, both scheduled and private, a sick kid, school conferences (Ms. Ella – I was worried for nothing), a trip to the zoo

Zoo trip

and my parents came down to help spin out my honey.  Now I've got buckets full of honey that need to be filtered, bottled and labeled.  That's a messy sticky job but oh, so rewarding.  I need to find a couple of craft/holiday fairs where I can unload the bounty and try to recoup my investment in bees.  Beekeeping is a little like chicken farming…you don't do it to get rich.  🙂

This was a quick little card we did as a Fall variation to the Halloween option.  I promised my class attendees that they would have fall variations of any Halloween cards just in case they weren't Halloweeny peeps.   I received the Halloween version at Founder's Circle from Kimberly Van Diepen and it's so cute.  I like the layout and I think I'll try working up a Christmas Variation as well and share all three of them with you.  What do you say…

Cheer All YearThis Set is Cheer All Year and is shown on pg 6 of the Holiday Catalog.  It's meant to coordinate with the Season to Season Wreath Project Kit.  I'm hoping to talk Adria into helping me whip up the wreath on of these days…Better get moving, hey?